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Lecture Gym
Gym enhanced lecture (FS 2009)

Courses in Physics (FS17)

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0040-00L Physics I  D. Pescia,
Y. M. Acremann
402-0528-12L Ultrafast Methods in Solid State Physics  S. Johnson,
Y. M. Acremann
406-0062-AAL Physics I  A. Vaterlaus

Courses in Teacher Training (FS17)

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0904-00L Professional Exercises: Experiments in Physics Teaching  M. Mohr,
H. R. Deller,
M. Lieberherr,
C. Prim
402-0909-00L Physics Didactics II: Motivating Instruction Commensurate with the Level  C. Wagner,
A. Vaterlaus
402-0910-00L Physics Didactics I: Special Didactics of Physics Teaching  M. Mohr
402-0911-00L Teaching Internship Physics  M. Mohr
402-0915-00L Teaching Internship Including Examination Lessons Physics  M. Mohr
402-0917-00L Mentored Work Subject Didactics Physics A  G. Schiltz,
A. Vaterlaus,
C. Wagner
402-0918-00L Mentored Work Subject Didactics Physics B  G. Schiltz,
A. Vaterlaus,
C. Wagner
402-0920-00L Introductory Internship Physics  M. Mohr
402-0924-00L Internship Physics Didactics  M. Mohr,
A. Vaterlaus,
C. Wagner
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